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Hey guys,

i finally found some time this weekend and decided to do some riot art contest stuff, even though the contest is nearly over.
Let's see how far i can still get :)

I'm completely new to Unreal and therefore still struggling with minor things sometimes... But the Engine is just amazing and super fun to work with, especially the material-editor ;)

Now, to my fx. I always liked the UT-Shock rifle, the combo in particular and decided to implement something similar.
My first spell is shooting plasma/lightning/energy balls,
and my second one shoots a straight 'laz0r'/lightning/energybeam, which detonates the balls.
Probably not the most innovative idea, but as i said, i always wanted to rebuild it :)

Fitting lol-characters would be Ryze/Lux or Xerath i guess... Or another crazy energy-emitting, overloading ... dude.

My wip from yesterday was setting up my scene and doing a first material test:

Today was learning cascade and doing the first spawning blueprint stuff...

One question came up in my mind regarding particles in Unreal 4:
Is it wiser to create fancy materials for my particles, or to do the stuff with particles itself?
I know that good materials win over flipbooks anytime, just becaus of the resolution. But what is with particles? I mean, next gen has pretty amazing power to handle lots of particles, so what's the best method here? Isn't a fancy shader costly aswell? Is it CPU vs GPU?



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