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Iciban polycounter lvl 10
Hey the theme I'm going for is somewhat based on Vicktor from LOL. I wanted to recreate a base/ inventions that Vicktor would create. Went for steampunk sorta feel.
The story I went for is Vicktor discovers these crystals, which he harvests the power from to help his inventions. Everything he creates gather power from these crystals. The nexus is the main power source and it runs through cables to power the inhib and turrent.
Vicktor's created these monsters, but they escaped from lab and resides in these Dens. The creatures feeds of these crystal energy, so each den has its own crystal. The ideas he gets for creating these monsters are based of the people he fights in the League of Legends.

Here are my concepts for both the inhib and monster Den.
For the Inhib, I am leaning more on 2 & 4.
As for the Den, leaning more on 2

Off to model/ blocking out the silhouette. Most likely change the concept on the go



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