[Riot Art Contest] - Swain Redesign

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(*Final update*)

So I finally wraped up the bird man! I would have loved to push the textures a bit more, but i had to close my two entries at some point. Here are my final images for Swain!

Thanks for the feeback Guys!


(Initial Post)
Hey guys! This is my 2nd character for the contest. I'll be redesigning Swain, the master tactician. I felt like doing a more human character since some people frown upon creatures. Doing Cho'Gath first did allow me to spot some flaws in my approach. Not having explored enough before starting to model lead me to be stuck with some decision that didn't fully please me. So this time, I sarted with some explorations on the body proportions for swain. At first, I was going for something like a hunchback with bird like features. I felt like I was loosing too much of his theme. After all, he is meant to be a noble tactician not an old and creepy dude. Afterward, I tried a really thin human with an elongated neck like a bird but it was really odd after taking a few steps back. So the version i'm currently showing you is what I finally settled for.
This is a quick sketch I did to make sure I had a clear idea of the character i was going for:
Here is my early blocking still a lot of work left to do:

A few more references I'll be dragging inspiration from:


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