Darkin Temple

Daniel Duy
polycounter lvl 5
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Daniel Duy polycounter lvl 5
Hi Polycount. So cool to see so many awesome works. I was hesitate but finally I join :poly122:. My idea is Darkin (Aatrox's race) temple, which I try to unify 2 pieces , the Turret and the creep dent. Hope this work.

I Finally done with this contest.There a a lot more need to polish but I still have finals need to finish :poly118:. I wish the contest was on the break so there could be more time. I decided to stop now. This is my best shot and quite happy with the result. Thank you for all the advice, suggestion and support. Merry Christmas :poly136: and wish everyone a wonderful holiday.

Btw, awesome work everyone. So many mind blow submissions that really encourage me to join. If anyone like to do some ARAM after finish, this is my summoner name lionkid158 :poly121:






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