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[Riot Art Contest] - Eckhart Piqueur

Heya folks

I'll be joining you guys and enter this contest.
My current ideas are one re-work and one self invented spell.

The re-work will be that of Syndra's ult "Unleashed Power" where she fires 3 or more spheres at a target.
I'll be trying to put it in an icy/snowy theme as Syndra would probably dominate in a snowball fight.

For my second spell I tried to invent one of my own.
I have noticed my ideas have been changing a lot the last couple of days,
but I think I have a solid one at the moment.
The idea is that the caster will launch a seed towards the target which on impact will sprout a plant (flower probably) which releases poison for a couple of seconds.

That's that.
I'm looking forward to any feedback you guys will have as well as seeing how you all progress.



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