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Mason Man-At-Arms – Zantorian Set

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Syros polycounter lvl 11
I think here will be a diary of and old Chivalry smith, along with some treasures a pirate found during his trip round the world,
yes, both will present there helmets and swords here ;)
actually I will continue and do more Chivalry stuff over this thread.
if you wanna see what I did during the contest you can check it here:
I had done the low poly for the helmet with TopoGun, as you can see I am finishing this helmet for Mason MAA at 1298 tris, and as developers demanded ~1200 tris, I think it will be ok,
What do you think guys?
I will come up with some raw texture test after Unwrapping,
hope you like it
cheers \m/


  • Syros
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    Syros polycounter lvl 11
    here is the helmet with texture, actually I don like the spec so I gotta tweak it.
    those xNormal and nDo2 icons means I have used them for backing them, for nDo2 cavity, Volume and AO I used my normal map.
    cheers \m/
  • Imperium101
    Your helmet looks good. But I have one strange feeling when I look at the helmet: it looks greassy. Also, I would suggest not using the orange which is currently on the helmet, it looks a bit flashy and fantasy to me. The helmet on the left looks a lot better ! But some work needs to be redone (I don't know where I confess) to take out that greassy look. I belive the specular map might be the cause of this... I am not sure, but maybe changing the pattern scratches you chose could help!
  • Dim
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    Dim polycounter lvl 10
    This is really coming along! Textures are looking great. I would caution you about using Marmoset as a previewer though because the shader is COMPLETELY different than ours. Might require a lot of rework between the programs. During the comp, some entries didn't make the jump very well, and it was a shame to see.
  • Syros
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    Syros polycounter lvl 11
    Hey everybody,
    At last here I have settled in Auckland, It's a nice place to be and I am enjoying all the mood and guys around, I think I gotta grab my camera and go for lots of fantastic textures I pass by these days, hope I can find time to put them some where on my web site.
    well I set up my PC some days before, so I started working to continue this set.
    TheMightyKnight: yes I agree buddy, what about make that orange just a little bit more red, do you like it now? I also went for a tweak on Spec map, removed all those harsh lines, thanks for your nice comments
    Dim: I am super glad you liked it then, and thanks for the advice, So I think till I go jump into Chivalry map editor, I will stick to screen grabs from max, thanks again for the advice.
    I think I will let this one at this stage and go for some sword concepts, I will come up with them, after that we can go for editing this too according the sword.
    Huge thanks to my new friends at work, Toph, Sean and Raff for there nice comments, I made a more contrasted version for comparison.
  • Thane-
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    Thane- polycounter lvl 3
    F'ing love it. My brain doesn't like the orange version either, but the others definitely. I have no problem with the spec myself. Im surprised thats not too fantasy looking though. I hope its not and makes it in.
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