Zen and the Art of Artillery Maintenance

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Hey guys. Petrol\Blood comp ended, but I didn't have time to finish! So I'm migrating my thread to P&P and I'm gonna bring it home!

I didn't get much further than finishing most of the vehicle high poly and blocking out the character. My aim is to have everything fully completed to the competition specs, with as much time as needed for polish. I'd really like to go the extra mile with it.

What I'd really like for crits at this stage (before I start zeroing in on the detail) is on the composition and design of the vehicle. I've really been staring at it too long and I just can't tell if its shite or not! :poly142:

Here are some recent screenshots, not much different from the last thread update.


And for reference, my original concepts for vehicle and pilot:


The design of the vehicle changed a fair bit - I want to get in alot of human scale detail in terms of netting, radios, smoke grenade launchers, speakers and all that cool stuff. Same on the Pilot, who I see being kitted out for long stretches on the road.

Current status of pilot (from comp thread):


Current Priority: MODELLING -Gotta get that Highpoly done!

Because of work commitments I'm not going to have much time for this, so it will be a slow cook. But it's gonna be delicious when it's done!



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    That poor thing is going to go ass-over-teakettle whenever it's fired. There's a reason for those long legs behind the towed version of artillery pieces. Even self-propelled guns - which are several orders of magnitude heavier than your design - deploy stabilizing 'feet' before they fire.


    You might be better off switching to a recoilless rifle might be a better match. If you're worried about needing a bigger bang, consider something like the Davy Crockett - it's hard to beat a nuclear grenade...
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