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Project: Infinitesimals - An Indie Game Art Development Log

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cubitstudios interpolator
Hello Everyone and welcome to the Infinitesimals - Indie game art log.

I'm making an Indie game and this thread will be the dumping ground for the work in progress artwork for the game. It's in the 3d Section because the final result will be fully 3d, however I will include some 2d concept art because it will of course directly inform the 3d work.


Infinitesimals began as sci-fi side-scrolling cinematic platform adventure with a strong emphasis on story, atmosphere and fantastic environments. I decided to move away from the Side scroller genre and it's now a 1st/3rd person game.


You take control of two aliens inside their mechanical spider like vehicle called an Ajoxian Gyro.
The pilots find themselves on a HUGE planet full of big bugs and dimwitted bipedal creatures but that’s the least of their worries because there is another alien faction down there too.

Ajoxian Industrial All terrain Multi-Purpose Gryo Pod.
(Officially abbreviated to AIATMPGP. For your convenience you may refer to it as a POD)

Dimensions: about 3.5 millimeters tall, 8 millimeters wide – including legs in idle stance. Crew capacity: 2
The pilots can climb out of the POD and walk around but their suits only have a limited air supply (it’s also very dangerous!).
The POD’s cockpit itself is mounted within a 3 axis gyro. This ensures that the pilots are sitting upright regardless of the POD’s hull orientation. This is valuable for comfort of course but also ensures minimal spillage from beverages in the seat mounted cup holders.

Here is one of the very first concepts of the POD:


The POD is modular and will be fully upgradable and customizable with a multitude of attachments and modules.


Here is an early 2D animated concept for some of the POD’s locomotion/abilities. I should note that the games art style will not be black and white silhouettes – it’s just quicker for me to animate the concepts this way…






Full Videos w/ sound here:
[vv][/vv] [vv][/vv]

The POD will come up against some formidable foes. Such as this Hunter gatherer (piloted by currently unidentified adversaries!)


Here is an initial rough concept for how a smart POD crew might bring down one of these large Hunter Gatherer's enemies...


Then came the creation of a 2D animated mockup of a Hunter Gatherer takedown...

The next step was to create a more polished 2D animation to better represent the games art style:

Inside the POD's cockpit, the outside world is displayed to the pilots on a screen that spans almost 360 degree's. Here is an early mockup of the POD's internal UI.


Here is the latest shot of the hi-res POD with side panels removed. No textures yet, but I've done some initial materials:



So, eventually I decided against having a traditional gyroscope mounted cockpit. In the latest POD cross section above, the small dots on the spheres surface are electromagnets which hold the cockpit mounted sphere in levitation a tiny distance from the adjacent hull sphere. The electromagnets are then used to rotate the gyrosphere during POD motion to align the cockpit upright at all times. The nodes containing the magnets also conduct electricity and system data to and from components outside the cockpit (With the conductive adjacent hull sphere bridging the connection).

Finally, here is an early in engine test scene:


Ok, I think that's enough for now to get the ball rolling on this thread! Still a long way to go from this point onwards.



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