[Chivalry] – Agatha: Man-At-Arms – Tide Breaker Armaments

Alright, so I going to make a helmet and weapon.
For the helmet I wanted to get some fish/sea creature elements in it.

So I started looking at what the in game models look like, and I planned how much of the face and head I wish to cover.


I wanted to get some fish-like features in the helmet, so I studied the features that I got when I combined my face with a fish.

I Googled helmets to study how they are constructed. I liked how the Gladiator helmet was constructed.

I drew a bunch of helmets, here were a few early concepts of my fish-face helmet design. My first helmet(on the left) looked too much like a Halloween mask then a functional helmet. My second helmet(on the right) I had simplified the details more to try to capture the essence of the overall shape.

Right now I am at this concept. I did away with the earhole part of the helmet on the sides so that it would be more similar to how the helmets work in the game.
Since this is for the Agatha faction I put the sword logo on the crest in the middle. I decided to keep the fins attached to the helmet, it seems more practical then to have them sticking out.


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