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I'm looking to team up with a Character Animator to put some content on the Unity Asset store. I have a package mostly done now, and need an Animator to take over for my current one.

I'm mainly looking to test the waters with this stuff for that market place, so if it turns out to be decent then we can continue to create stuff for it. For now I would like to work with a flat rate, but in the future I would consider a % share of revenue.

This is what the first package is,

Modular Character Package.

4 Sci-fi low poly Characters - All share same body, with swap-able heads.
I'll need the rig set up to allow for that. 2 Weapons, rifle and hand-gun, and a set of different animations.

-Animation list-

Run, Shoot(2), Jump, Roll, duck, death and melee(2). (Open to editing)

If this sounds of interest, PM me.


  • DigitalShockWeapon
    Hi there,

    I was just looking through the polycount forums and came across your post. I work for Digitalshock Inc, and we would like to apply for this opportunity. We are an industry leader in 3D asset design, and have worked on many AAA quality titles. We can adequately and efficiently handle all of the requirements you have specified. Our team is professional, responsive, and
    adaptable to our clients' needs. We are currently available to take on more customer projects, and are excited to contribute to your success.

    Digitalshock houses a team of dedicated professionals with over 10 years of experience in the 3D modeling industry. Our livelihood lies in the outsourcing of 3D artwork, as many successful companies have outsourced artwork to us in the past and continue to do so. Our client base consists of such companies as Microsoft, Activision, THQ, Big Huge Games, EA Play, Disney, ngmoco along with many others.

    Some of our expertise includes:

    - Character animation, modeling, texturing and rigging
    - Environments modeling, texturing and lighting
    - Prop modeling, texturing and animation
    - Vehicle modeling and texturing

    Our website is available for your viewing pleasure at www.digitalshock.net.


    I know this posting is for a single artist, but I would like to share the benefits of outsourcing the work you need done to a larger team. You can then decide if it's a better solution for you:

    - We have a large team available to take on many tasks at once. Instead of getting one artist to do 20 days of work, you can get 4 artists to do all the work in a week, for the same cost (or in many cases, less cost).

    - As well, we have a dedicated art director for every project. Without an art director, keeping track of the art production process can be a nightmare. Even if you don't outsource, it is strongly recommended to have an art director to organize your workflow.

    - We have dedicated 3d modelers, texture artists, riggers, etc. The production process is made very efficient this way, and requires less much time to develop finished products. It is key to have dedicated artists who work on different stages of an asset.

    - Our team has all the necessary licenses for software needed to create your assets. If you hire an artist in house, you need to purchase a license for them. Some artists that you hire externally may have pirated software. If a model is made with pirated software, it is tagged to the model. If the software developers were to find out such a thing, it could be a lot of trouble for you.

    - Our team is experienced. As I said before, our team has over 10 years of experience, and has worked with many industry titans. We're proven to deliver high quality products.

    - Availability. If one artist is on vacation or sick, that is productivity lost, whereas working with a team allows you keep on track all the time.


    We have many testimonials to back up our claims. Here are a few of our customer reviews:

    “Working with DigitalShock was a great experience. The quality of the work delivered was top notch and always arrived on time.
    We were working on a very tight schedule they were always able to deliver with really great results. DigitalShock was excellent in ensuring that we were getting exactly what we needed when we needed it. I would highly recommend working with their studio.
    Truly a great experience.”
    Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time
    Shannon Dees - Art Director Zynga.

    “DigitalShock was able to provide Newtoy with high quality, cost-effective art outsourcing. They met our aggressive schedule, ramping up quickly to satisfy our needs. We were very happy with the quality of DigitalShock's work, particularly in the area of organic characters (bipeds), rigs, and animations. They delivered results that were compatible with our tools and pipeline and we were able to put them right into the game. Communication with their team during the development process was hassle-free. Revisions were incorporated quickly and the end results are fantastic. We will definitely be working with DigitalShock in the
    Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time
    Paul Bettner - VP at Zynga.

    You can contact me at [email protected]. I'd love to hear from you!
  • DigitalShockWeapon
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