Sexy Big Boss (MGS5) - Character WIP

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Hey, polycount. It's my first time posting something substantial on Pimping & Previews because I always was kinda afraid of putting my art out there. But lately I'm thinking that there's no way I can do this by myself without the help of this great community. So yeah, here I am standing before you to strike me down and call me noob and maybe even help me a bit :) I humbly ask for your assistance and guidance on my way to create this awesome character that I would really like to do justice to.

The character was inspired by this:

Credits for this art go to Anne Pogoda.


As you can clearly see, it's a very very sexy cross-dressing Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes. I thought it was really funny and that's why I decided to do this.

These are my references and inspirations for the head:


And this is WIP Head:


References and inspirations for the body:


And this is WIP Body:


Assets WIP:


Please don't go easy on me. Even though I suck, I'm hoping to learn something from all of you :) I'm a very hard working guy and you can be sure that I will listen to each and every piece of advice :)


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