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Hey Guys,

I'm finally back into the swing of things. Before I left for my honeymoon I decided I wanted to try and make a game. Even if it's a single level or a vertical slice of a game, I would still try to make one. I've been teaching myself some C# in unity and have built a few things but now I'm taking everything I've learned and all of the tutorials I've gathered and putting in them into a single project.

While at home I'll be doing all of the coding and I'll update this thread once I have something to share, I'll be doing the art for the project during my lunch periods.

I've started some of the art style tests already. I wanted to make something that was easy to make and didn't take forever to create. So I'm going with a low poly approach with a very simple texturing style.




These are all rendered in max at the moment. Here goes nothing! I'll update this thread as I progress and once I get my unity web demo up and running I'll post it as well. As always Comments and Critques Welcome


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