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Muzzoid polycounter lvl 9
A good friend made this tool to aid with vision impaired people working on computers, and it's a super fast well thought out screen magnifier.

so far I'm finding that it is super useful to zoom the screen instead of zooming apps when analyzing images and work, especially when working on pixel art.

Give it a shot and throw him a few bucks if you find it handy :thumbup:

If you guys have feedback post it here and I'll link him to the thread.


  • s6
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    s6 polycounter lvl 6
    This is awesome! Thanks for the link.

    Do you know if this works per monitor, or "globally" ? Meaning: Can you magnify on one monitor and not on another? That would be excellent. Going to try this out when I get home. :)
  • Muzzoid
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    Muzzoid polycounter lvl 9
    Hmm just tried it, it seems to be global.

    Bugger! He might be able to fix it, no idea.

    Edit: just checked with him, and it is indeed possible!
    check the advanced mode checkbox in the zoom tab then go to the other tab and choose windowed render mode then close and open glassbrick again
    there is upsides and down sides to each rendermode

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