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So I've been posting this in the WAYWO thread a few times now, figured I should post a thread and get some good feedback/opinions. Here goes!

I am creating mid-sized environment in UE4, completely personal idea, not based off existing concept art. The idea I have in mind is a lush, forest environment with a large, rocky facade. What I have so far isn't anywhere near the level of lushness and greenery I want to have, but I'm working on it.

- Create a killer moss shader (world-space, so that it only shows up on the top surface of rocks)

- More earthy/mossy ground surface (temporary ground texture for now)

- Possibly add some ruins scattered around

- Add tree leaves

- Have a more claustrophobic feel, too wide-open for now

- MOAR FOLIAGE. UE4 does not deal with foliage lighting very well. Contrary to UDK, UE4 doesn't support custom lighting due to its deffered lighting system, making it a royal pain in the ass to light foliage properly. I've done what I can with the bushes I have already, but it's a hassle to deal with. UE4 does not give a shit about your edited Normals it would seem.

- Need to give off a better sense of scale, environment feels too small right now.

- More to come

Reference collection:

Work so far. WIP.

All criticism and opinions appreciated!


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