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Alright, I am super excited about this challenge and can't wait to get started.

This will be my first challenge here at Polycount and I can't be more thrilled to jump into this awesome community. I'm going to try and be as active as I can giving feedback and can't wait to hear from all of you.

Anyway, right now im still collecting and reference and inspiration. The core of my idea is a female pilot driving a desert vehicle of some kind on some distant planet.

The setting will be pretty dirty and worn, but not quite post apocalyptic or war-zone level wear and tear.

Her vehicle will be a 4 wheeled buggy with huge wheels on "legs/axels" which have alot of mobility to rise over rocks and rough terrain.

She will be the mechanic and pilot of her vehicle and right now I'm planning on a bottom heavy silhouette. With baggy pants and lower body equipment with her upper body being more form fitting.

My images below kind of illustrate where I'm going.

The next step for me is creating some prototypes of the buggy and a 3d base sculpt of the characters silhouette. I'm going to focus on those things this weekend before jumping head on into zbrush for the real deal.



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