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Yo! firs time i enter a contest. i'm preety sure i wont make it to the end cause life happens etc, however i know i'm gonna learn a lot of stuff (especially quixel's software that i have never touched) plus having a goal and a deadline moves things along!

so, here's my concept: it's a arachnid vehicle with a female driver. normally the driver is inside but in this shot the driver is standing out of the hatch, (imagine the position of the driver inside is like a street bike) and shooting at something off screen. the vehicle is hanging by a steel wire on the back on the walls of a cathedral. in the concept i have the legs in 2 parts, while in the final its gonna be 3.

1. concept

2. character blockout...used an old basemesh i had (pew pew)

3. vehicle blockout

4. working on the legs

aand time for bed! to be continued.


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