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'Ello there all! Arkevilex and I have decided to tackle this contest. We're going for a sort of cybernetic sled dog team. I'll be working on the dogs while Ark models our musher, and we'll both be picking away at the sled.

I was really inspired by Jessica Covi's Snow Mobile concept:

So we'll be looking to model something like that, along with some guns for good measure.

I started with some super rough thumbs in Alchemy to find a couple interesting silhouettes. After considering weight, however, we'll probably be going for something more along the lines of the top and bottom left ones.


Here's the first progress screenie of the dogs. I'm modeling huskies, though I may be giving them wolf-like features also. I've found some good hybrid ref scouring the net. Roughed out the base:


Aaaand here's where he currently stands. Currently detailing the fur using mostly Clay Buildup. And of course, I'll be using cards on certain areas to get the coat looking nice and fluffy. I may experiment with some shells too, but we'll see. I'll be modelling the exoskeleton shortly after I finish with the fur.



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