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Hello everyone!

Here's my concept:

The concept is a futuristic survival battle on hostile planets, with a female pilot in her mid 30s to early 40s, still kicking ass and taking names. She pilots an older style mech, with more patches and replaced parts than your first junker.

It is way far into the future. Planets have been colonized, and space travel is about as ordinary as your drive to work. But, there are planets that refuse to be colonized, and only the brave and the mad would venture onto the surface. So, one entertainment company decided "Hey, why not get a bunch of guys in mechs to hunt for treasure on the planet, and kill each other?" And now Death Planet is the number 1 rated show for the past 15 years, and now the money is filling the executives' pockets faster than the speed of light.

Sara has been a combatant on Death Planet for almost as long as the show has been on air. Before her time on Death Planet, she owned a small salvage company before it was forcibly taken from her by a larger salvage corporation. Tired of always being taken advantage of, she decided to join the then new competition to prove that she is not to be pushed around. Her skills on the planets have been unmatched, and she is equally elusive off of the battle field. Many have tried to use her as advertisement, and she refuses to be a billboard, making most of the big networks dislike her.

The mech is a modified salvage powered suit, and has proven to be completely reliable time and time again. These days, it is a Frankenstein of parts, and patches above patches. Sara has so far refused to replace the old mech since it has proven to be more reliable than any other model, and is nearly as old and scarred as she is.

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