Ori and the blind Forest

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Hello guys and girls!

Microsoft and Moon Studios just announced the game we have been working on for the past 3 years. In 2011 we joined the crew of moon to work on a game that is now known as "Ori and the blind Forest", a 2d platformer for Xbox One, PC and 360.
When Thomas Mahler who i know for plenty years, from this and other forums and personally by now reached out to us it was clear this game will be ace to work on.


Usually we get the chance to work on bigger and smaller chunks of a project, this time, thanks to the trust, support (and sometimes harsh critizism) of Moon Studios we have been honored to do ALL the art for this game. I'm proud to be a small part of this project, and everyone who worked on it can be super proud - the feedback is ultra positive everyone loves what you guys did.
Now lets see some gameplay because it doesn't have to hide behind the graphics and music of the game. Such a great product, i hope you guys will get famous for working on it!

It was such a thrilling time - quick 2 of our artists became core developers on the game, first Max Degen.
Followed by Johannes Fighuber, who together with me worked as freelancers on the project before.
Not much later Anna Jasinski joined in, working on graphical design tasks like ui and logos but also as a set dresser. Then Simon Kopp and Kaja Reinki joined the 2d guys to give the game that extra polish it deserves and finally Rahel Brunold as an animator to support Moon Studios very own James Nicholas Benson you might know from Dance Fortress.
One extra credit goes to Daniel Alekow who helped us out it times of need with additional assets.

Not a big dump yet, as the game was just announced, however a bit of our work for it and a place i will keep up to date whenever we can show something.

but first enjoy our trailer


here are somme screenshots






and some of the early and not so early conceptart







sseing these again, makes me realize how much it has grown, as a product and on us :o

now the usual linkage!

follow the game on


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