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More than just games – This is going to be BIG
With the acquisition of Bitsquid, Autodesk is bringing expertise in 3D game development and proven game engine technology in house. We are significantly expanding our portfolio of game making tools, complementing our middleware and 3D animation tools: Autodesk® 3ds Max®, Autodesk® Maya®, and Autodesk® Maya LT™ software. Across Autodesk, this technology will fuel new product development in our Media & Entertainment business, and enable a new class of design animation tools.

Tools for Game Makers
Later this year, Autodesk will introduce a modern and flexible 3D game engine based on the Bitsquid engine. By introducing a game engine, Autodesk can offer game makers a more complete game creation workflow from concept to release.

A New Era in Design Animation
Many of our manufacturing, architecture, building, and construction customers are also excited about game engine technology– but not because they are making games. Instead, they are looking for new ways to visualize and interact with design data with the same level of control and feedback of modern console or PC games. With the acquisition of Bitsquid, Autodesk will begin exploring the creation of a new interactive design exploration platform, integrated with our design tools, which will help designers contextualize their ideas.

In Film and Television
Autodesk will also be looking at how Bitsquid technology may be applied to workflows such as pre-vizualization and interactive compositing.


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