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MoebiusCammy polycounter lvl 2
Hello Everyone! Having recently started working on some weapon finishes for CSGO, I figured that now was the perfect time to start posting here instead of just looking at all the great work :)

This thread will be updated regularly by me, with pictures of what i'm working on.

Feedback from anybody is appreciated, anything constructive that anyone wants to post is welcome, as it can only help me get better. :)

I hope you enjoy looking through my workshop, and have a great time.

Also: Link to my workshop http://steamcommunity.com/id/MoebiusNoir/myworkshopfiles/?appid=730


  • MoebiusCammy
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    MoebiusCammy polycounter lvl 2
    So to start off, here is my first workshop item. I started off with the Glock, as I figured it was a nice simple weapon to cut my teeth on, and have a run through of the workflow for weapon texturing.

    Im fairly happy with how the weapon has turned out, and hopefully I plan on making a collection of finishes based on my Iridium pattern.



  • RacePeaceDay
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    RacePeaceDay polycounter lvl 6
    Black without specular reflection make it look flat and unrealistic IMO. Especially on models with no curves, such as Glock. Need at least some spec power.
  • Walki
    It looks cool, certainly something the community looks out for. Even though I do not like the black line pattern I'll still give it a rate up, seems to have potential! Keep it up!
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