CIVIL WAR: almighty_gir VS Swizzle

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Lee and I can no longer ignore our differences, so it's time to end this once and for all.


Lee and I each make a female character from the DC Comics universe. Use current-gen tech. Post updates in this thread. Go.


Final product must be posed and presented in a realtime, current-gen game engine. Marmoset 2, Unreal 4, CryEngine, whatever.

Materials must be PBR-friendly.

Custom shaders allowed, but not required.

Texture budget: Pffft, texture budgets.

Polygon budget: HAH!

Time limit: We're both working stiffs, so three weeks for each stage of the process; high-poly, low-poly and uvs, texturing and presentation. Don't take longer than three weeks per stage. Post progress pictures of all stages. Final submissions must be made in this thread on or before the end date. If you go past that date, you lose.

The war ends Monday, July 14, 2014.

May the best man win.


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