[WIP] Challenger 2 TES

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I thought i would start off my WIP thread here, i have been working on this for a while now and i am coming to the end of the high poly modelling. I am now just finishing blocking out the Enforcer RWS station which is quite a mission, as there a very few images of this RWS on the net and its very complex.

Anyway the rest of the tank is pretty much done in high res, juggling this and my masters atm so not going to be a massive amount of progress but thought i would get your comments on the high res at least. The only thing i am not modelling is the barracuda netting. I did give it a try, manually modelling it but it was a nightmare and still didn't look that good, i have therefore bought a 1m x 1m tile of the netting off the net, will photograph it and turn it into a tileable texture which i shall use in photoshop during texturing for the diffuse and normal. Should work....hopefully



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