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So i never see people around here who share my music tastes, but i was curious if they actually exist. Most of it seems to be electronic or metal.

Currently there are a few guys that I'm absolutely digging on.

This thread is mostly intended for live music of recordings btw.

The man, and future legend. He played Coachella without having an album out and is currently touring with black sabbath. He is a fucking blues rock machine that stole the powers of Dan Auerback and Jack White and quite possibly a canadian wolf. He plays half his set solo, and the other half with a backing band, featuring a guitarist with 2 bass strings on his guitar.

[ame=" Studio - YouTube[/ame]

Royal Blood. These guys are a new band. Just drums and bass, and they sound absolutely huge. I'm so shitty i missed them when they lived in Brisbane for a while

[ame=" Blood - Little Monster - Later... with Jools Holland - BBC Two - YouTube[/ame]

British band from Ipswitch.
They sound absolutely huge, they broke up but are having a reunion tour in the us right now. This is a full show, but fuck if the sound isn't amazing.

[ame=" 'Live In London' 2012 - YouTube[/ame]

Dinosaur Pile Up.
British Grunge band.
[ame=" Pile Up - Traynor ( Live at Rock and Roll Circus ) - YouTube[/ame]


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