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Hello all!.

2D Artists - I invite you to post your concepts in this thread.

If you're anything like me, you have big motivation but spend too long looking for a concept, only to be denied permission to make it and use it in a personal or commercial portfolio.

I'd like to build a resource for 3D & 2D artists to collaborate, where we can find great concepts to create in 3D with permission.
Equally a place to see your 2D creations come to life in 3D, benefiting both artists.

Update : - Check all images on a pinterest board for when things start to get really busy conceptBank Pinterest

I'm putting out a call for 2D artists to post their character/environment/prop concepts. for 3D artists to model. Serving as a thread for those ' what should I model moments '.

A few guidelines -
All the concepts that are posted in this thread are posted with expressed permission for 3D artists to model them and use them in their portfolio.
All the 3D artists doing so are expected to credit the concept artist involved, wherever they display the finished piece.
Should you post concepts you did commercially, The studio should be okay with fan art and 3d artists are required to put the company logo on any images, along with the concept artist credit.

Share the thread with your 2d & 3d friends and let's gather together an ongoing resource that will benefit both our 3d and 2d brethren.

Happy modeling.


- I'll change the thread name once it becomes full of awesome concepts.


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