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Hi everyone. Staring my sketchbook here after realizing it is actually useful to properly document your progression and history with the work one creates :) and also I haven't been too active on any forums within this field so here I go. Mind me backtracking first a little bit with a couple of projects just for the sake of them being documented also. After this I plan to update regurarly only with my on goin projects. Critique and Comments are welcome.

Some bg: I am 3D Artist @ Ubisoft Redlynx studios and currently working on Trials Frontier mobile-game. It has been announced for world-wide release on 10.4.2014 and you can check out the trailer here:

Not sharing any work with that project, at least for now. Maybe one day if I get permission for it :) I can say tho that I created most of the assets and 3d-characters for Trials Frontier. Some really awesome "oldschool" techniques still used for the models here. But that's that for now, back on track.

Here are a couple of projects I finish recently the other just a few days ago.


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    Dancuka polycounter lvl 3
    So here is my Ghoul. Some pictures how this proceeded. As for the lack of steps, its really because I didnt take any pics really, and didn't have sketchbook at that time :)

    Also, I use Marmoset Toolbag 2 for pretty much all my renders nowdays.

    First steps consepting the ghoul, he looked really old at that stage :D


    And the and here is the highpoly and lowpoly meshes:


    And here is the final result in Marmoset:


    If interested, here is also a link to a vid where I mess around with Marmoset in this scene:
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