Allegorithmic at GDC 14

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Jerc interpolator
For those of you heading to GDC in SF next week, don't hesitate to swing by the booth and hang out with the team!

We will have a big theater setup in front of the Valve booth with some awesome guests and showcases on both Substance Painter and Substance Designer:
  • Heidi Klinck from Turn10 will show some Designer work on Forza Motorsport 5.
  • Fellow polycounter Laurens -Xoliul- Corijn will talk about EA DICE's workflow using Designer.
  • Gee Yeung, Creative Director at Dreamworks will show his look development process using both Designer and Painter.
  • Solomon Temowo, Art Lead at xPec will go through the process of creating a library of PBR materials.
  • Our good friends from PopCornFX, the particle tech used in Painter, will talk about particles, duh.
  • John Courte from Side Effects and Kenny Lammers will talk Houdini + Substance + Unity for games.
  • Jay Kootarrappallil from White Moon Dreams will show off some Substance powered character customization in UE4.
  • Jarred Everson, from a big southern california studio we can't name, will talk character art with Designer.
  • I will talk about the future of Substance Painter and where we are going with the tool.
  • More cool stuff...

We will also host a full blown session on Thursday at 10am.

"Particle-Based Brushes, Material Layers and More - Meet Substance Painter"
Sebastien Deguy, CEO at Allegorithmic & Laurens Corijn, Technical Artist at EA Dice
Location: Room 2014, West Hall
Date: Thursday, March 20
Time: 10:00am-11:00am

You can find the full schedule over here on our blog

Also there will be free Substance licenses to win, goodies to grab and there may be some booze involved at some point :)

Looking forward to see you guys and gals there!


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