Sketchbook: Frawmus

Hey guys, welcome to my sketchbook! Reworking it from my original Sketchbook, that didn't really have a theme.

This is the place I will be posting all of my work throughout this summer. I plan to practice like crazy and maybe become good at something. Who knows :)

I've got basic skills in a wide area of 3D and can get things "done" but really want to excel in certain areas. So this sketchbook will be dedicated to things having to do with characters (And monsters). So you might see
-Cute monsters
-ugly monsters

I will be trying to show you the process I go through in creating, and hopefully getting advice on all parts of my workflow. Starting with concept art(Crudely drawn, I am no 2D artist!) to the high poly, low poly, baking and texturing :)

Hope to get some critiques and opinions; Though I most of all hope to improve! Lets see if I can not get too distracted and keep my practicing going strong :)

Will start out slow as I finish this term and then will ramp it up when I am completely free.


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