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I did a complete overhaul of the site: new design, new looks, completely javascript independent and it works on mobile devices and all the big browsers (IE, FF, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Chrome for android, iOS native browser, Android native browser). I also added a "tools" -section - something that I know is just going to expand and expand the more I cave into tech art.

The old portfolio hadn't been updated for 2 years - which was a bit shameful. The new one at least have more content.

I still feel that I miss some more "realistic" art pieces - I've been working on mobile games for almost two years now and I feel that I might get a bit out of touch with that style of art if I don't do any new project. The grimy restroom scene, the cryo chamber and the Mac are old and don't really reflect my current skills, but I'm not sure if I should "refurbish" some of those projects though or just start on something new - what do you think?

Feedback is always welcome ofc. And if you spot any spelling errors please let me know. Thanks!


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