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Sebulba's Podracer UDK

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Hey Guys in my spare time while not working I have been making a couple of environment projects. I figured I start a thread for one of them as it is getting to a good place where I can showcase it. As a load of Artists at work are making Star Wars Environments at the moment I thought I would jump on the train and start making Sebulba's Podracer,the plan is also to make a diorama desert environment to pose it in.

Here is the high poly as it stands now which is pretty close to finished but it needs some more work on the front piping as each side is unique. Once I have finished with this I will be making the low poly and moving onto texturing. The plan is to render this ready for PBR which once all the materials are set up should look really sweet.

I also made a start on the Terrain (Ignore Scaling as it just for test purposes) which it will be posed in once its all finished. I plan on making a couple of tileable terrain textures and some nice rocks that I can place around the immediate area of the ship. I am also thinking about a possible crashed spinning through the air image but depending on how well the in tact version goes. Let us know what you think. Crits more than welcome :)


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