Knight Bust - Texture Practice

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Alemja polycounter
I realized after the VG remix that my painted textures need some work. My goal with the project is to try 2 very different styles of textures on the same mesh that uses the same normals. Since this is a test and a learning experience it may not work out, but failure is how you learn.

I'm hoping cleaner normals on this model will be able to transfer between 2 textures better. The textures will be more diffuse heavy and I will also create other maps as they are needed.

For my 2 textures I want to create styles that are very different from each other so I am going to do a more realistic style painting for one, that will is a bit on the baroque side of moodiness:

and for the other one I am going to paint in a more impressionistic style with exaggerated colors and brush work:

Since this is for improving my textures, I will gladly take comments and critiques. :)


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