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Hello people
Link: https://www.artstation.com/marketplace/p/2NYdy/xnormal-batcher

Tutorial : [ame]

v 2.0.0
- NEW UI / UX. should be clearer to use.
- Batch log
- Less bugs.

I'll have to probably update my tutorial video as well :)

v 1.7.1
- Bug : When Using prefixes: The xml file wasn't generated properly for the highpoly mesh data for single highpoly meshes.

v 1.7.0
- Bug : The xml file wasn't generated properly for the highpoly mesh data for single highpoly meshes.

- Support baking of multiple HighPoly Mesh on a single map (for a single lowpoly mesh). Instructions Here
- Refactored some code.
- When Refreshing, the selected checkbox will keep its previous state (instead of becoming checked)

- Bug where specifying extensions different from the lowpoly for Cage or Highpoly wouldn't work properly.

- Bake Both Normals Checkbox: Allows you to bake both object and tangent space normal maps. This will run a separate bake specifically for the object-space normal map. Note that it'll force the "Tangent" space checkbox if it's not ticked.
- Auto Refresh: The app now monitors the baking folder, so you can see instantly what's going on when renaming/deleting/adding files the different baking folders.
- Therefore the refresh button has been removed.
- The global setting panel is now static and won't be collapsed when you're expanding another map settings panel.

- Internal: Changed/Refactored some redondant code.

- Change checkbox by colored Text
- Changed behaviour on displaying data when not using a cage
- Better Handling Global resolution (Saving, used as default, etc.)
- Bugfix on BaseName Generation

- Bug "settings not saved" fixed!
- Now supports mapSizes up to 32k (that's in xNormal 3.18.6, released Jan 2014)

- Finally added the Position Offset feature in the lowpoly and highpoly mesh settings can be set globally and individually.

v 1.05:
- Bug fix
- You can use Prefixes instead of Suffixes
- You can now set all lowpoly/highpoly mesh settings for all objects at once
- Baked Maps are put in a subFolder for each Object

v 1.04:
- New Deployment system, avoid issues with access rights, easier to update and maintain.
- Lowpoly and Highpoly mesh settings per object.

v 1.03:
- Suffix Editor to manage the suffix you use (add, remove)
- Fixed a bug for baking path containing spaces.

v 1.02:

- Can reset settings independantly for each panel

- Disable Bake Me button if object is missing components
- Bug with direction map setting
- Baking AO & Vertex Color (now creates a secondary xml file for Vcolors)


I'm looking for some feedback/bug reports on this little tool I've made to easily batch stuff for xNormal:
Please note that it's a 64b executable (that's to easily detect xNormal installation).



- It's mostly a batcher, looking over specific folders to bake all they contains.
- Can pick suffix & extensions of meshes
- Check if everything is there to bake a map (checks for low/high/cage)
- Independant Map Size for each mesh
- Remembers "last session" global and per mesh settings
- Notifies of baking crashes at the end
- Exposes all Maps Parameters
- Tries to detect xNormal automatically

The tool relies on naming correctly your objects. It looks over 4 main folders inside the "baking folder": LowPoly, HighPoly, Cage, and Maps.

Based on the suffix and extensions you choose in the options, it'll try to find files with the same root name.
It notifies how many files fitting the choosen suffixes/extensions are in each folder and will tell you if a component is missing (ex: Is the Lowpoly here but not the HighPoly? Has it been baked already?)

Picking a different suffix or extension will do a refresh over the folders.

Changing the map dimensions for an object will (re)generate its xml file with the current map settings at this moment.

And changing the map settings (in the setting tab) will be saved independantly for later use. But it'll not regenerate the objects xml files. (only map dimensions/baking does it)

So if you close the tool, and reopen it again, you'll find all your settings for each object as you left them.

Then you can choose to bake what you want. Baking anything will regenerate the objects' xml files.
Obviously if a file is missing stuff, it'll be skipped.

if a baking crash happens(or user cancels), a notification will happen at the end of the batch listing the bad objects

So please try the tool, and give me some feedback here (or via the email in the title bar) on what could be improved/missing stuff/Bugs.



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