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Modular Overgrown Industrial Environment (Image Heavy?)

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Jakob Gavelli interpolator

I feel like I reached the standard where this is watchable. Maybe I've been staring at this for way too long to recognize all of the tiling. Lots of kudos to Snefer for his modular environments. Huge inspiration, as you'll probably notice.

Started as a game project with lots of gameplay programming and getting a character up and running, with upgrades, in UDK. Still tossing and turning between art and gameplay. I'm neither a character artist nor an animation, but he moves, jumps and can attach a propeller to fly so, yeah, sue me!

There's currently three large different rooms, and a small one, to illustrate the modularity. My goal is to use the 1024x256 texture for most of the assets and then create a hero asset for each room.

The character was this super basic borderlands style ( heavy WIP obviously ), so the master texture began with the same style. Still utilizing some detail normals, I kind of like it. But I may have to go to more extremes.

Thanks for watching!

Hold onto your hipster beards, it's picture time!






BONUS : Player Perspective Shot



  • nathanbarrett
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    nathanbarrett polycounter lvl 6
    Awesome style!
  • DougClayton4231
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    DougClayton4231 polycounter lvl 3
  • Jakob Gavelli
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    Jakob Gavelli interpolator

    I noticed some days ago that my screen was weirdly calibrated... It was basically really bright and yellow. So that sucks! Fixed it now and done some work on the scene!

    Would love to know what you think about the tree and if theres anything weird going on with the levels of brightness/contrast and if the light feels too yellow or white. I'm a bit paranoid since the whole calibration thing..






  • Jakob Gavelli
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    Jakob Gavelli interpolator
    Would love some feedback on the overall style, if there's anything that feels odd or that doesn't quite fit.

    I'm about a month into the project and sometimes it feels like polishing a turd =/
  • samifira
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    samifira polycounter lvl 7
    I actually am a big fan of the style. Only thing that I think you might wanna look at are the tiles on the ground at the bottom of the tree. They look like they're sitting a little flat given that a tree is growing out of the ground around them. Maybe rotate them a little horizontally so they look like they're being affected more by the roots that are growing around them?

    Otherwise it looks awesome.
  • Gannon
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    Gannon greentooth
    Cool models.

    I think the textures are nice but it's hard to tell because the lighting is a little dark in some areas on my monitors and there's little mood to the scene. Small crits but still a nice bit of work :)
  • Jakob Gavelli
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    Jakob Gavelli interpolator
    @samifira : Thanks! Yeah, that room needs more rubble and broken pipes and cracked floortiles aswell!
    @Gannon : Thanks! The lighting is a bit special as I imagine that there's no electrisity so I can't use lamps. So all the light has to come from the directionallight aswell as some spotlights to emulate the sun.. Don't know how to enhance the mood really.. I'm trying to go for the damp and choking warmth kind if thing.

    The scale is actually a bit off. The barrel trolleys feel a tad too big for the doors. The foliage is sometimes to scaled up to fit in places, it becomes odd.

    There's just a big master texture for all of the metal/woody stuff, and then a foliage sheet and some detail normals.
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