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District 9 weapon.

polycounter lvl 6
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Rageleet polycounter lvl 6
hey polycounters! had a quick question about unwrapping / need advice, so iv been working on this district 9 weapon, and i just wanted some feedback on my unwrapping, the lowpoly has quite a high tri count @ 4k and iv been struggling to get a nice res on my bakes any feedback / suggestions would be awesome thank you :)

quick note on workflow

-highpoly quick details

-lowpoly / unwrap / Bake (issues are here)

- Fix issues with Ndo2 / add details / texture.

maps here are AT 2048/2048




Thanks Guys any help would be great my main issue is res really, Iv kept all my islands the same ration to each other with the exception of some elements like the gas canisters ETC.


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