Mudbox diffuse/normal matching problem

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Hi guys! I'm currently experimenting with my workflow in mudbox. What I'm aiming to do is this, start a sculpt in mudbox without having to create the original mesh in 3ds Max -> define the shape -> sculpt the high poly and paint the texture-> export a lower level mesh and UV map it -> bake the normals with xnormal -> transfer the paint texture in mudbox to get the diffuse.

The first issue I ran into was baking the normals in mudbox with the default uvs. I've tried to find some good tutorials for importing uvs/ baking but I'm still stuck, hence my work around in xnormals.

My other issue is the strange stretching/mismatching of the normals once I transfer the diffuse texture. I've included a picture. Is there any way to address this without having to fix it by hand? I assume its an issue caused by the difference in geometry of my high and low poly models.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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    the mismatch looks like a difference in baking method.

    is the diffuse baked inside Mudbox ?

    also, why would you want to use default UVs for baking the normal map for lowpoly.

    ideally the lowpoly should be created outside Mudbox, UV layout down in your native 3d modeling app, triangulated and exported for baking maps.

    if you bake normals in xnormal, try to bake everything else in xnormal. you can transfer the diffuse in xnormal easily.
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    Yes I think you were right about the different baking methods! I wasn't aware you could bake diffuse in xNormal, but I got it working and the maps line up now. I didn't want to use the default UVs generated in Mudbox, so I was taking the low poly into max for unwrapping and reimporting it to transfer the diffuse, but being able to do both normal and diffuse in xNormal will be a great help. Thanks!
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