[UDK] We are the last of us

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kimmokaunela polycounter
I totally love the art direction that Last of Us have so I needed to start making similar stuff. I´m going to make a simple scene with a few props and a vehicle on top of the asphalt surface. So far it took about a month or so to achive these results. I have time only on weekends so that´s why it´s taking so long :)


I collected a lot of reference stuff from internet, taking photos, listening music etc... Usually I just start modeling without any thinking of what I´m going to do but this time I´m not going to make that mistake.

My weapons of choice are 3ds max for modeling, ZBrush for sculpting, Photoshop for texturing, UDK for rendering.

So here is the scene so far:


Here are a couple of my latest models:



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