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VG Remix - Tony Hawks Pro Skater

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sheckee polycounter lvl 7
Hey all!
To avoid a life story; I couldn't manage to start this competition when it began unfortunately. My health is finally good again and I'm able to participate! I'm really hoping I can get it finished in time. I have nothing going on next week that I know of, so aside from my own laziness, I should be able to do it!

This is my first time doing Low Polygon modeling of this level, and hand painted textures at all. It could be interesting.

Anyway, here's my block out. A rather quick one, so it's not very well posed.
But I think you'll get the picture. I've not really planned it out beyond this, not bothered to do any sketching or anything. Just gotten involved. So who knows where the style is going to go or anything. Let's hope it comes together.


Now with Balance bar!


(I know Tony Hawk's 2 didn't have a Balance bar; but I really wanted to include one :P )


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