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[CE3] Wrecked Apartment

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Wiktor polycounter lvl 11
Environment DONE! :D








And a flythrough! :D

[ame=" Apartment (NDO & DDO) - YouTube[/ame]


I've finished writing the post-mortem/breakdown! I really hope there's some information here that you'll find useful! I sure learned a lot from this project!


Link in image above, or by clicking here (.pdf)

Again, thank you all so kindly for helping me with this project!


Hey all!

Been a little while since I posted any of my stuff, so I thought I'd start this thread to post my progress on this environment. I'm following a concept made by Victor Jonsson.

So far I've just made a couple of props and some of the base elements of the apartment, and it's looking quite clean and un-wrecked, but that'll change later on.

I've only used dDo and nDo2 for the texturing. No manual texturing at all so far, except for the base photos, and I'll do my best to keep it this way. :)

This is what I have so far:






Please let me know what you think!


Livestream link (will make new post to announce the broadcasts): http://www.twitch.tv/disting_


  • maxivz
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    maxivz interpolator
    THe materials and the textures look amaizing as usual, would you mind sharing the udk materials?
  • skyline5gtr
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    skyline5gtr polycounter lvl 5
    amazing texture definition, im with maxivz im dying to see how you set it up. Are you using just a simple Direct light as well?
  • Stromberg90
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    Stromberg90 polycounter lvl 9
    Good start, I would start by blocking out the entire scene first then start making assets, since you get a better sense of scale and where everything is going.

    Compared to the concept, the hallway seems to wide and the boxes seem huge, also the focal view is very different in the concept it makes it feel more cramped.
  • Torch
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    Torch interpolator
    Incredible material definition man!
  • mats effect
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    mats effect Polycount Sponsor
    The material definition is just awesome, love it!

    Would love to see a workflow break down for the textures at some point. :)
  • wester
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    wester polycounter lvl 13
    I love how even at such an early stage like this you can tell it's going to be a great piece! Can't wait to see where you take it!

    One thought is the edge wear on the door is maybe too uniform? It looks like you have it on every edge evenly. I would maybe break up the thickness and placement of the edge wear, and possibly not put it on every edge.

    Great lighting as well!
  • [HP]
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    [HP] polycounter lvl 13
    Absolutely fantastic work as usual Wiktor!

    Everything is heading in the perfect direction, I would love if you could show us how you set-up the material of the floor, I really like the subtle brushed reflections, is it real-time?

    As for the wall, I would decrease the tilling of those motifs making them bigger and prominent and therefor making the texture less noisy, also increasing the spec and gloss of the motifs themselves to get some different material readability against the red satin material. just like in the concept.

    Oh and looking at the door, careful with using ddo, sometimes it might give you a very "mathematical" look to your scratches, they're very consistent around the corners of the door, it would look better if you masked some of those. :)

    This is off to a great start man, will be keeping an eye on.
  • Jerc
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    Jerc interpolator
    Indeed the door screams "crosshatch filter", maybe it needs just a bit less of those scratches, or have them less even on all edges.
    The scene itself looks like a perfect start tough, love the lighting :)
  • Dimfist
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    Dimfist polycounter lvl 8
    Very nice. I agree on the door thing. You could probably add some scuff marks at the bottom and some general grunge around the handle as well.
    To be honest this looks way better then my apartment I live in. LOL
  • kimchee519
    very cool, can't wait to get my hands on dDo !
  • Wiktor
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    Wiktor polycounter lvl 11
    Thanks for all the comments guys!

    @maxivz: Cheers! The materials really aren't anything special. I can share the material I use for the floor in my next update. :)

    @skyline5gtr: It's a simple directional light yeah, but I'm using a bunch of filler lights to emulate global illumination.

    @Stromberg90: Thanks for the feedback! I've made the hallway slightly more narrow, but I want to be able to run around in the apartment in game mode, so I don't wanna make it too narrow.

    @mats effect: Thanks! Yeah, I'll be posting a breakdown once I'm done with the scene. :)

    @wester: Very good point! I've made the wear and tear slightly less
    uniform in the scene than it is in the prop shot. I might reduce the wear even more though. Much appreciated!

    @[HP}: Thank you! The spec actually does have the motifs in it, but I might pump them up slightly as you suggested. Thanks for the feedback! =D

    Again, thank you all for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

    I'll be posting an update later tonight. :)
  • Wiktor
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    Wiktor polycounter lvl 11
    Doing a livestream at http://www.twitch.tv/disting_ in case anyone's interested. :)
  • zombieminteractive
    I am getting a "no video with supported format and mime type found" on all videos on twitch any clue how to fix this?
    Firefox with updated Flash.
  • switz
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    switz polycounter lvl 10
    Came here to say I admire your spec maps! Very well done ^^ Looking forward to seeing more.
  • leleuxart
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    leleuxart polycounter lvl 9
    I agree with Helder regarding the spec in the motifs for the wallpaper. I'd definitely make them brighter, but adding in a faint cubemap would be good too. The concept shows more reflectivity in the motifs, which is a really nice realistic detail in my opinion. Would you mind sharing your lighting setup when you have time?

    Look forward to seeing more! Subbing so I can catch the next live stream, but for now I'll just watch the recorded one :)

    Edit: Nevermind about the light setup, I hadn't made it to the part in the video where you go over your UDK scene. :\
  • Wiktor
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    Wiktor polycounter lvl 11
    I'll definitely increase the spec on the motifs on the wallpaper, great suggestion both of you!

    Been busy working on the metal bookshelf and the chais today during the livestream.

    Finished up the chair after the livestream (I'll do a breakdown of it next stream) so I thought I'd show you an update of the environment.


    So much left to do! =D
  • MM
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    MM polycounter lvl 14
    that door looks great, but i agree with the above comments.
    Disting wrote: »
    I've only used dDo and nDo2 for the texturing. No manual texturing at all so far, except for the base photos, and I'll do my best to keep it this way. :)

    why would you avoid manual texturing ?

    i thought the advantage of using dDo was that it boosts one's workflow and not merely automate or replace regular painting/texturing.

    right now the textures/details look good but very uniform and recognizable in terms of automated details.

    if you add that extra layer of hand crafted details you can take this so much further.

    just my 2 cents
  • aajohnny
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    aajohnny polycounter lvl 10
    As long as it looks awesome who cares how its done? I personally think it looks fantastic. Not sure why people are so "against" using a specific program. If it works for that person let them use it... especially if it looks great.
  • CrackRockSteady
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    CrackRockSteady Polycount Sponsor
    I agree with MM, if you lean too heavily on dDo to texture literally everything in the scene, it shows. Use dDo speed up your workflow but don't rely on it to do the work for you.

    Edit: @ aajohnny -- The problem is that it doesn't always look awesome. If you use it wisely it can help a lot, but if you rely on it to do everything you often end up with a texture that has wear and other effects in places it shouldn't be and it looks unnatural. I don't think anyone is "against" dDo, they are against using dDo as a 100% replacement for texturing everything.
  • shinobix
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    shinobix polycounter lvl 14
    How did you get the wall paper print done if you're only using dDo?? Is it stencilled in your colourmap??
  • Wiktor
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    Wiktor polycounter lvl 11
    Thanks for the comments guys!

    I'm using dDo and nDo as a challenge, trying to automate as much as possible. So far it's working like a charm and it's speeding up my workflow enormously, but as some have commented on regarding the door for example, some of the wear need to be toned down manually. I hear what you are saying about using dDo as a tool to boost the workflow and not replacing manual labor, but that's not exactly the point. I want to try and push the tool and see what I can do with it.

    @shinobix: I'm using base photos for nDo2 to generate photonormals and I used a wallpaper pattern as a base diffuse for the wall texture in dDo. On top of that I added slight miscolouration, subtle stains and so on. The pattern itself is not generated through dDo. Hope that clears it up. :)
  • shinobix
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    shinobix polycounter lvl 14
    Ooooohhhh gotcha! I'm really interested in seeing how far you can take this scene with just nDO2 and dDo!! Thanks for clearing up how you did that. I'm still trying to learn the program here at work :)
  • Wiktor
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    Wiktor polycounter lvl 11
    shinobix wrote: »
    Ooooohhhh gotcha! I'm really interested in seeing how far you can take this scene with just nDO2 and dDo!! Thanks for clearing up how you did that. I'm still trying to learn the program here at work :)

    Glad I could help! I'll be doing a lot of dDo work in the upcoming livestreams during this project. Feel free to tune in! :)
  • joeriv
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    joeriv polycounter lvl 7
    just my personal ("noob") opinion, but dDo doesn't have to be used a automation tool.
    It can actually be perfectly used as a PS ui replacement (wich it does amazing) combined with a fast/good previwer.
    With the custom detail layers (add empty layer, and paint in the mask with brushes, b/w photosource in a layer and add as detail).
    all the presets/effects just used as a bonus tool.

    I find it actually surprising that not more people use it that way and it has this "automation" association, but that may just be me.

    anyway, sorry about that :p

    Looking good so far, as your works always is, and looking forward to the end result ^^
    Just some things I am curious about:
    In udk do you actually have a material/shader set up that somewhat mimics that dDo/marmoset does, and if not, how do you feel about what you see in the previewer, versus what you get in udk.
    and sort of connected, why do you choose udk over cryengine, considering how cryengine does its lighting, it seems like it would be a closer match. (not saying one is better then the other, just curious why you prefer udk in combination with dDo/skyshop).
  • riot
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    riot polycounter lvl 9
    This looks very promising, keep it up! Its still on WIP but it already looks a lot better than my finished attempt on creating a room, lol.

    The floor and the wallpaper textures look so nice, its like their maps perfectly blend together. My only suggestion would be to fill the empty space on the left metal shelf with some carboard boxes/books like in the concept so it doesn't look so empty, but I guess that will come in later.

    Anyway, I'm going to keep an eye on this thread.
  • LiquidSpacie
    This is looking really good. Sculpted floor, I like it.
  • keffer
    Textures look awesome dude
  • Wiktor
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    Wiktor polycounter lvl 11
    Thanks for the comments everyone!

    @joeriv: Personally I find it pretty difficult getting similar results in UDK as I get in Skyshop/Marmoset. It is possible to get similar results, but I'm not entirely sure how. I actually switched to Cryengine because I was really impressed with the results I got with the textures and models when I tested on a couple of props.

    So as I just mentioned, I switched to CryEngine 3 instead of UDK. I've also made a couple more props and tweaked the existing textures, such as the door to get rid of some of the over the top wear. I've also changed the specularity of the wallpapers, making the motifs more reflective.







  • MaVCArt
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    MaVCArt polycounter lvl 8
    Amazing material definition there, the wood cabinet is coming off as too glossy, feeling a little bit too speccy and coming off as feeling like plastic almost, but aside from that great work as always :)
  • radiancef0rge
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    radiancef0rge Polycount Sponsor
    lighting is dope
  • nathdevlin
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    nathdevlin polycounter lvl 9
    Great to see something that's not the typical environment piece ( sci-fi tunnel, alleyway etc ) being executed so well. Brilliant stuff .... subscribed :)
  • Rhoutermans
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    Rhoutermans polycounter lvl 10
    love the concept. The scene looks great so far.
    Try not to make the floor shiney all over the place, this person living here probably wasn't that clean looking at the concept :P Following this,

    good luck!
  • Wiktor
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    Wiktor polycounter lvl 11
    @MaVCArt: Thanks! I'll see what I can do about that!

    @Rhoutermans: Thank you for the feedback! I'll definitely look into that. :) I'll add some decals for the bloody footsteps and the puddle of blood, but I will see if I can make some large glossiness variations as well.

    Cheers! :)
  • Wiktor
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    Wiktor polycounter lvl 11
    So another update! Nothing huge, just more stuff and so. :)


    Layout is WIP, just as just about everything else. Just put some stuff in the room for now. ^^

    Very WIP room as well. Will be a work room later.

    A wip highpoly picture frame.

    A teak table.

    Please lemme know what you think!
  • CreativeHD
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    CreativeHD polycounter lvl 6
    Looking really good! The material definition is great!
  • aajohnny
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    aajohnny polycounter lvl 10
    Looking great. One thing is that the boxes are too perfect, maybe beat um up a tiny bit? the one that has the container on it seems to be holding it well and it looks a bit heavy, maybe have it sinking in a bit? I mean those are some minor things but either way it's great so far.
  • Plumbjet
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    Plumbjet polycounter lvl 10
    i missed the live stream but will be watching the video, so please keep them going
  • [HP]
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    [HP] polycounter lvl 13
    Absolutely fantastic! I am loving this!

    Also, make that interior glass bumpy!

    And add a diffuse map to the exterior windows glass.

    It's very gamey when the glass looks all the same on scenes, it's a very little detail that makes all the diference for me.
  • Lycan
    Exellent work, dude!!! The Texture and Models looks amazing. Keep it up :D
  • Wiktor
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    Wiktor polycounter lvl 11
    @aajohnny: Thanks a bunch for the feedback! That's a great idea, will definitely try it out!

    @[HP]: Thank you! I will definitely try the bumpy and dusty glass. Think it'll look really cool having the interior glass bumpy. Much appreciated! :D
  • Wiktor
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    Wiktor polycounter lvl 11
    Made a couple more props, but not much progress in the scene itself! Gonna make a few more props before I do most progress shots on the environment. :)

    The painting is a bit WIP, as you prolly can tell. ^^

    All details were nDo'ed and then textured with dDo. No highpoly.

    Any feedback is appreciated! :)
  • LuCh!
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    LuCh! polycounter lvl 5
    nice, loving the style,
    the wood is maybe a little to glossy in spaces,
    like the closet with books, it has a nice crack along the side wich make it look a bit worn but it has the gloss off a newly varnished one
  • Jeff Parrott
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    Jeff Parrott polycounter lvl 16
    This is awesome. Love what you're doing Wiktor. Keep it up. What are you going to do for the outside areas?
  • mbischof
  • Khangaroo
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    Khangaroo polycounter lvl 4
    Hey I saw your work on the computer on stream. That was awesome hopefully you do more of that!
  • Endfinity Jon
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    Endfinity Jon polycounter lvl 8
    Concept is one of my favorites lately and the execution is lovely. I'm really digging the materials and lighting!

    I'd love to see a lighting only/detail lighting image if you don't mind. Concerning your lighting, I think everything reads really well, good directionality, bounce, and purpose. The room far right is receiving more light than I think it should as it's on the diffuse side of the house. Is there a light source in there that I'm not seeing? Either way, I'd kill that light and have the illumination from the doorway dissipate to a very gentle value as it reaches that room. I think downplaying some of the space would add some great contrast to an already great image. When I look at that room alone (in image 2) it looks as if there's a nuetral point light filling the space and it really takes away from that warm sun splashing light across the chaotic apartment. If you're using the light source from outside, I'd prefer not use it and let the natural light do the talking...but that's just me.

    The far room down the hall away from the door looks nice too. Might be nice to have the light intensity be just as strong as it is but have it bounce a little less in that space so that the room falls off into the evening shadows just a bit more. Doing so will introduce more of a gradient from your doorway down the hall to that room. Maybe just pulling down the indirect scale/saturation would do the trick?

    I'm also wondering what you can do to introduce a touch of color contrast in the image. Everything is pretty warm in hue so maybe the addition of less intense areas would bring some darker tones to the scene that you could push into the cool hues for contrast's sake.

    All in all, this critique is mainly personal taste so take it all with a grain of sea salt (and maybe vinegar?). I think the point here is to shift intensities where you can in your lighting so that your brightest splash of light and color comes from your doorway and everything else plays second to that very cool focal point.

    I'll be watching this piece come together, great work so far!

    - Jon

    EDIT - Also...maybe address the depth a little with a light touch of fog/DOF?
  • jwk107
    That looks amazing...
  • Wiktor
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    Wiktor polycounter lvl 11
    @LuCh!: Thanks! I can definitely try lowering the gloss/spec on the bookshelves slightly. Much appreciated!

    @Endfinity Jon: I'd love to post a lighting image, but I actually don't know how to do that in Cryengine ^^. If anyone knows, please let me know. :)

    I've adjusted the right room's lighting a bit, but seeing as it's faaar from final the lighting is still very WIP. Hope you like it better now.

    I'll take a pass on the post process, maybe a bit more color contrast could work! I'll try it for sure. :) Thanks a bunch for the feedback!

    Some updates from the last couple of days!

    The hanging cables are wip. Just took the cables from the monitors and scaled them. Will add proper cables soon!

    Curtains are currently untextured. Just a flat color, so that will change soon.


    Super early shot of the kitchen. :D

    Please lemme know what you think!
  • mats effect
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    mats effect Polycount Sponsor
    Loving the old PC screens :D
  • AkiRa
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    AkiRa polycounter lvl 6
    Holy shit man...this is so awesome! Great work!
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