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VG Remix - Pokemon Cinnabar Island

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mariotoon polycounter lvl 6
I remember Pokemon Blue was the first game I bought for my GameBoy Color back in the day when I was still a teenager on vacation in Hong Kong, and I've fell in love with the series since then. I thought it would be perfect for the competition, since with all the fancy updated graphics presented in the later generations of the game.

I've chosen to work with Cinnabar Island since it's one of the most famous (infamous) zones of the original Pokemon. Just thinking about M-BLOCK/MISSINGNO and the crazy dude on the rooftop brings back so much more great memories from that game.

I found out about this competition over the weekend and only found time to start working on it for a couple hours yesterday and earlier today, and hopefully I'll be able to blow you guys off your seats with the amount of time I've got left!






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