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Chaos Forge ( ) is currently in urgent need of a concept artist for an upcomming 3D roguelike game.

What is a roguelike?
"The roguelike is a sub-genre of role-playing video games, characterized by level randomization, permanent death, and turn-based movement." - Wikipedia

Our roguelike will be in full 3D but with a locked camera angle (so called 2.5D) and feature all the great things about roguelikes, such as level randomization, permadeath, turn-based movement, character progression/specialization and boss battles. Our art style will be inspired the sci-fi themes of by games such as Quake 2 and 3.

What we are looking for:
-You who are comfortable working with both environment and character concept art.
-You who have plenty of free time and who are comfortable delivering results quickly as we need to get into production fairly soon.
-You who are comfortable creating concept art based on mood boards.
-Someone who want to stick with the project and grow with it.
-Preferably someone who is already in the industry or who has a solid education.

A portfolio website displaying both character art and environmental art is required. We will not consider applicants who cannot prove their worth visually.

Strong extra skills (although not necessary) that would be in your favor:
3D modelling/texturing skills, VFX skills or rigging/animation.

Our aims and current progress:
Development is currently in pre-Kickstarter -stage and at this moment we are in urgent need of a concept artist so that we can begin creating 3D assets ASAP. Our scope is currently small but will progressivly grow once we have a Kickstarter project going. The final goal is a release on Steam. Right now we've managed to get mockups into Nova (the graphics engine) and here is a screenshot of that:

The shader will have full support for diffuse maps (albedo), specularity, normal maps, emission (self-illumination) and alpha.

Another mockup: (here displayed in Marmoset -another engine)

Now that we've proven to ourselves that our art pipeline is fully functional (i.e. we can get art into the actual game prototype) we are in need of concepts so that we can nail down the art style. Initially we are in need of art for:
-1x player character
-3x enemy character
-1x environmental theme. Low-frequency(low detail) corridors and rooms.

What we offer you:
This is a colab/non-paid project. Initially there will be no pay whatsoever. Everything you create is owned by you though and you may post your art on your portfolio at any time you please. Everyone who contributes to this project will be fully credited. Additionally, if you surprise us with your skills and dedication we will seriously consider bringing you onto the project permanently, meaning that you will get a cut of any profits that the game eventually makes. This can be an opportunity for you to create concepts for pretty much everything in the game.

Reply to this thread or email me directly at: [email protected]
Remember to provide a link to your portfolio and an estimate on how many hours you can put into this a week. An estimate on how long it would take to create above assets (1x player char, 3x enemy chars, 1x environmental theme) is also favorable.
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