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VG REMIX - More Zelda

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I've never had a crack at a Polycount contest before so I thought a short and sweet one like this would be a good place to start.

I know it's not the most original of ideas but I'd like to do some pixelated Legend of Zelda stuff. I've never done any pixel art or super-low poly stuff before so it should be fun!

Here's the first thing that came into my mind, spent maybe an hour on it this afternoon, what it needs now is a young link reaching out and grabbing the hilt!


Terrible, I know! But I've learned a few things; even without a normal map, you still need to align your UVs with your pixels, plain AO is boring - add lights and cast shadows, maybe do something half-interesting, stuff like that. I'll post updates as I reiterate on everything and decide what I'll actually do for submission.

Thanks for reading!


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