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gametime polycounter lvl 8
Hey polycounters,

here's my art dump. I figure I'll post some images here as well, for those who just don't want to leave polycount ;)
The first post will always be updated with the newest work.
C&C is welcome of course.

* Soon to be revealed:

In this thread you will find all of my latest work.
Additionally you can go to my just launched portfolio -->



NOTE: Everything is rendered in CryEngine 3, except for the High Polygon Models and the Wireframe shots.


Makarov & AK-103 High Detail:

It has been quite some time, but I finally got around to post some of the work I did in the summer. This includes the ak, the makarov and the CIC scene based on Gryphart's concept art for Deus Ex.

The ak and the makarov are part of the high accuracy series. Therefore, I also modeled the interiors as best as I can, because all my references are based on pictures. A lot of time went into measuring and eyeballing the proportions and it felt like half the time went into finding references, because it is quite difficult getting all sides for all the 45 parts of the makarov and ak's approximately 80 parts!



CIC- Combat Information Center

The CIC is based on Gryphart's concept, but has a little twist to it, which you will find out by watching the video.
I decided to use Crysis 2'S CE3, because at the time, the CDK didn't have the futures, to recreate the it the way I'd like.
I also used this as a change to become superficially acquainted with the trackview editor and the flow graph editor.



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    gametime polycounter lvl 8
    Fox Engine Office Remake:

    While the Fox Engine is very impressive, especially the E3 2013 Trailer, I felt that the Office demonstration was doable in CryEngine 3. To prove it, I present you Fox Engine Office Remake.

    All assets have a proxy model and the level is in real scale. Many assets have POM to further enhance their realism. I used the Video Player Plugin by hendrikq on the TV.

    Unfortunately Crytek didn't update their Engine for nearly half year, that's why I had to use lights with a texture map applied to fake box lights. However, this came at the rather odd cost of having a reoccuring flickering of the lights.



    Glock 17c & 18 with Surefire Flashlight, Blackside Silencer and Docter Sight:

    Glock 17c (semi-automatic) and Glock 18 (full-auto) pistols. Modeled and rendered in 3ds Max. The textures are handpainted.

    There are 8 different diffuse textures and 2 specular variations (one for factory new and one for battle worn).
    The diffuse textures are:
    - desert A-TAC
    - woodland A-TAC
    - black/olive
    - black factory new
    - desert tan factory new
    - desert tan battle worn
    - black/tan battle worn
    - gold

    Polys: 2120
    Verts: 2156
    Texture Size: 2048x2048
    Maps: Diffuse, Specular, Normal, Gloss


    Note: Additional Screens of the Glock and the attachments (Surefire Flashlight & Docter Sight in my Portfolio.


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    gametime polycounter lvl 8
    Staircase Study

    With this environment I tried to recreate a natural urban interior in CryEngine 3.

    The lightning is a little cold, as if the sun is covered by clouds during an autumn day. The walls and its cover panels are from a past epoch, yet the modern elements refresh the scene.

    I used this exercise to further enhance my experience with CryEngine 3 and learn new futures of it, namely the glass shader and POM (parallax occlusion mapping).
    I also used Quixel's tool dDo to create some assets such as the doors and the tiles.




    See attachment. Image load would get to high.
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    gametime polycounter lvl 8
    Rocket Propelled Grenade & Launcher (RPG):

    First High Polygon 3d Model that I created in 3ds Max. This software was also used to create the Low Polygon Model as well as the UVW Map.
    Textures created in dDo.
    Rendered in CryEngine 3.

    Polys: 5810
    Verts: 6635
    Texture Size: 2048x2048
    Maps: Diffuse, Normal, Specular, Gloss


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    gametime polycounter lvl 8
    Nature Painting

    This nature scene is based on Wijnand Nuijen painting Spelevaren. The cloth respond to wind and some props, such as the small boat, the boye and the water supply have small looping animations. The scene has two time of day settings.

    The building as well as other objects have vertex alpha and color applied and thus making smart use of resources and allowing variety at a low cost.

    Note: The skybox, the birds and all the vegetation,exept the green grass belong to Crytek.



    Melee Tools

    Pipe Wrench

    Polys: 2161
    Verts: 2124
    Texture Size: 2048x2048
    Maps: Diffuse, Normal, Specular, Gloss



    Polys: 694
    Verts: 692
    Texture Size: 1024x2048
    Maps: Diffuse, Normal, Specular, Gloss

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