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Hey Guys,

I am taking a break from environments for a bit and have started on a vehicle.
This is based 99.9% on Mark Steven Raktraktor.

Here is a zrender of its current state:

I have been working on it for the past 3 or so weeks on and off, it's been really fun so far.

I started in max and brought it into z brush to shape and add details, I plan on doing the inside and if I have the time perhaps also one of the drivers. Once the vehicle itself is done I will low poly it and texture and put into either udk or ce3.

I posted this earlier in WAYWO and the feedback I got mentioned the proportions, I tried my best and had to fill in some gaps but apart from some scale issues I am pretty happy with it so far.

Here are some progress shots up until this point, firstly the max bases:


and then the zbrush progress to its current state:






Current state: some heavy denting and a few more pipes:

Some of the major things left are the inside, the chains, some details / plating I missed on the rocket tubes - the rockets themselves also.

I have really no idea what the hatch door with mechanical parts on the back is supposed to be exactly, but I decided to stay as true as I could to the awesome model by Mark Steves and so I did my best there, if you guys have any idea let me know and I will fix!

Feedback would be appreciated!



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