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Which grapic mode (DX, openGL) does my graphic run currently?card

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SimonT interpolator
Hi friends,

is it possible to run a game and then check which graphic mode the graphic cards runs currently (or was running before closing the game).

Because i want to check something in Homeworld, but my analyzing tools don't work. There're parameters for forcing DX or openGL but i would like to check if they actually work.

Is there anything? I googled but i can't find anything. :,(


  • Obscura
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    Obscura grand marshal polycounter
    Hmmm as i know, windows games using dx and mac games (or other systems)using opengl. Maybe im wrong, but this is how i know.
  • Froyok
    Obscura wrote: »
    Hmmm as i know, windows games using dx and mac games (or other systems)using opengl. Maybe im wrong, but this is how i know.

    Mac OS runs only OpenGL softwares, but Windows can run both OpenGl and DirectX.
  • Ace-Angel
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    Ace-Angel polycounter lvl 12
    Hard to say, older games would always have both options open to PC platform just incase something went wrong with one system early on in the years.

    Older GL's had some issues, such as texture seams, blocky textures due to linear aniso, lack of proper opacity in some cases and aliasing issues, not sure if HW2 has any of these issues that you can easily tell from right off the bat since it really depended on the dev.

    I'm not sure if this works, but maybe you could go to your Graphics card profile and max out everything related to DX viewports, and if you switch it in game, you should see a difference between DX and GL, but I think only ATi has these options?

    Again, not sure, and I can't think of any tools at the top of my head that would make real time hooking easy enough to tell you what is running what.
  • gray
    you can capture the internal state of a game but it is a very raw "for programmers" type of task that will probably not really help you unless you know how to read all the calls for the api.

    i don't think there are any easy tools at this point.
  • CrazyButcher
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    CrazyButcher polycounter lvl 18
    find where the exe or engine dlls are
    put a dummy file called opengl32.dll into the same directory and if hw2 doesn't start anymore it used opengl
  • SimonT
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    SimonT interpolator
    OK all, thanks for the replies! I got it. The idea with the DLLs was great because there was a gl.dll in the Homeworld directory AND via ProcMon i was able to find out that it tries to access a opengl32.dll in some system dir.

    I found an awesome tool: GLintercept. It brings a new opengl32.dll and a config file which you copy in the directory of the game. Then just start the game and the tool will inject itself.

    With it i was able to activate the wireframe directly in Homeworld with strg+w.

    Awesome! Can i rename the title of this thread? Would like to add [SOLVED] to it :)
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