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I saw this comp and almost instantly had this crazy and maybe even a good idea in my head.

Instead of searching concept/reference stuff I created this plot/synopsis that will be my source of inspiration. Story is below.
We are living in year 2084 and Earth resources were consumed and it´s dying slowly. Rich part of the polulation have bought their future to this city of the future, spacestation. The poor part of the people just got left behind.

This spacestation is built by the Urantech Corp. that has been specialized in fissio reactors and nuclear power. The entire station is powered by the new type of fissile element called Soranium 8. This very powerful element can power the entire station using linked reactor system. The station got the name C17Y and it was the most state of the art place to live and watch how the Earth slowly died.

Nobody didn´t know that this Soranium 8 generates unique kind of nuclear radiation that affects organic materials by shaping it to something different and hostile. There is no protection against this type of radiation. The only way to stay alive and most importantly to stay human is to leave the station behind and ESCAPE!
I´m going to use 3ds max for modeling, texturing and baking, UDK for rendering and post-process, Photoshop for painting the textures and Zbrush for hi-detail sculting.

I´m going to start posting my progress here when I can.

I hope you understand my bad English :)


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