So, freaking, EXCITED

I don't want to say too much, so I'll just leave it at this:

Getting contacted, out of the blue and without any application, by your favorite game studio for a job opportunity is one of the best feelings in the world. No matter what happens, I know for sure that I've reached the ambitious goal for myself when I taught myself 3D years and years ago. I'm not even worried about it, I'm enjoying the moment.

In an effort to genuinely not sound arrogant, it's a very humbling, yet really exciting experience and opportunity, and it's even more awesome to know that I'm only getting better and better as time goes on. My first industry job, man that day I was so excited, but this? I have no regrets

Without Polycount I wouldn't be anywhere near the talented artist that I am today, and I love this board. <3 you guys are awesome

Time to do some awesome art :)


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