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Felspar Agaricus: Blunt, Fat, Fungal Hunter, Reluctant Guardian

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Brian "Panda" Choi high dynamic range


Hey Polycount: (Long Term project thread)

Planning to make a full game character asset of a character I've had brewing in my head for a while. Hopefully, this piece serves to pad my portfolio if I get this done before GDC 2013. And this thread being a log of my learning experience with this. The last character I did was this, and I'm still not entirely confident about making something like that again.

So, on that note, DEFINITELY humbly requesting critiques from those who are more fabulous at their craft than I :).

Basic elements / limitations for Felspar Agaricus
- Fat
- Blunt personality
- Fungal-based anatomy/shape/body
- Professional Hunter
- Blunderbuss-like weapon
- Story Flavor Text: finds a human child in his world, reluctantly decides to be his guardian

Planned workflow
Thumbnails > Concept > Rough Sculpt > Retopo and carefully make final highpoly sculpt > Retopo for low poly > Bake maps > Texture

Planned Goals
- Really get comfortable with a hard-surface workflow in Zbrush.
- Really get comfortable with actually making a proper high poly model.
- Push as far as possible with the texturing, so even if it'll have painted qualities, make spec maps, normals, etc. Get as "next-gen" as possible. For March 15th, though, just get a Riot Games League of Legends quality character out.
- Overall, get confident, so if someone on the team needs me to do this, I KNOW I can doit.


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