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Import failure: DOTA 2

I have been learning about low poly modeling the last few weeks and thought it would be good practice to do something for the Dota workshop. The problem is that I can´t get the importer to accept my Ward model.

Renaming bones, changing bones to dummys, renaming files, changing node structure, remodeling, importing without mask files ... nothing seems to do the trick.

Workflow: 3ds low poly-> z-brush high poly-> x-normals normal + oclusion ->3ds max lighting map->PS textures .tga-> 3ds max rigging -> 3ds max animation -> 3ds max export to .smd (one rigged file static and the rest animation)

0 "ward_geo" -1
1 "ward_banner_root" -1
2 "ward_banner_eye" 1
3 "ward_bannerR_01" 1
4 "ward_bannerR_02" 3
5 "ward_bannerR_03" 4
6 "ward_bannerR_04" 5
7 "ward_bannerM_01" 1
8 "ward_bannerM_02" 7
9 "ward_bannerM_03" 8
10 "ward_bannerM_04" 9
11 "ward_bannerL_01" 1
12 "ward_bannerL_02" 11
13 "ward_bannerL_03" 12
14 "ward_bannerL_04" 13

The importer have reacted with the same message on 3 different models.
The error message for the latest attempt can be seen below:
Starting compile of banner2...
Compiling TGA: materialsrc\models\items\wards\0x072da71f\banner2\banner2_color.tga
 - Compilation successful.
Compiling VTF: materials\models\items\wards\0x072da71f\banner2\banner2_color.vtf
 - Compilation successful.
Compiling VMT: materials\models\items\wards\0x072da71f\banner2\banner2.vmt
CTargetVMT::Compile OK! - materials\models\items\wards\0x072da71f\banner2\banner2.vmt
Compiling TGA: materialsrc\models\items\wards\0x072da71f\banner2\banner2_sentry_color.tga
 - Compilation successful.
Compiling VTF: materials\models\items\wards\0x072da71f\banner2\banner2_sentry_color.vtf
 - Compilation successful.
Compiling VMT: materials\models\items\wards\0x072da71f\banner2\banner2_sentry.vmt
CTargetVMT::Compile OK! - materials\models\items\wards\0x072da71f\banner2\banner2_sentry.vmt
Compiling DMX: models\items\wards\0x072da71f\banner2\banner2.dmx
 - Compilation successful.
Compiling DMX: models\items\wards\0x072da71f\banner2\banner2_anim_spawn.dmx
 - Compilation successful.
Compiling DMX: models\items\wards\0x072da71f\banner2\banner2_anim_idle.dmx
 - Compilation successful.
Compiling DMX: models\items\wards\0x072da71f\banner2\banner2_anim_die.dmx
 - Compilation successful.
Compiling QC: models\items\wards\0x072da71f\banner2\banner2.qc
 - Compilation successful.
Compiling MDL: models\items\wards\0x072da71f\banner2\banner2.mdl
CTargetMDL::Compile Failed - f:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\models\items\wards\0x072da71f\banner2\banner2.mdl
CTargetMDL::Compile Failed has appeared on all import attempts

What am I doing wrong?


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