Modular/Tilable HandPainted Dark Fantasy Dungeon

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Hi everyone !

Here is something I've been working on the past 2 weeks. It's a modular/tilable dungeon set that I'll put on sale on 3Docean/Unity asset store.

It's been a great exercice for me, I learned a lot with the modular/tilable workflow and increased a bit my handpainted skills.
It's always good to do some environment stuff !

All the props took me 13 days and the level it-self took 2-3 hours to do. I know it's not a great level design but I wanted something quite simple and quick to do and I'm no level designer. Also There's still one prop to be made, some sort of bridge. Probably tomorrow or after-tomorrow :)

No AO, just diffuse textures, one ambiant light + redish lights + fog. There's a little shameful post production, mostly the candles/flames that are painted plus a little glow effect but that's all. Otherwise it's all rendered in Blender.

I'm sure I could add tons of stuff, windows, columns and all but I want to call it done fairly quickly so I guess it will only be small tweaks and fixes from now. I lost all my momentum so I really need to move onto something else !

I noticed a few bugs on the pictures like flat normals on the columns or bottom cap of some barrels not showing but it'll be fixed.

Whole scene is ~50K Triangles, about 30 low res textures (few 512x512, some 256x256 and a bunch of 128x128 and even smaller ones)

Wires, shadeless pics, flats and more to come soon !

Hope you like it !
Critics & comments as usual, very welcome.



  • Eric Chadwick
    This is cool!

    If you're selling it in the Unity store, it would be cool to assemble it in Unity.

    It feels a bit monochromatic to me. Might help to toss in some complimentary-colored items, like give the rug a royal blue trim, or maybe change the stairway trim to a deeper blue (less cyan).

    One of the web textures looks really thick.

    Would be cool to see wires and flats, if you're selling it.
  • pixelb
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    pixelb polycounter lvl 6
    Lovely. It IS monochrome, but it's nice how the level takes on the color of the lighting. I second the request for flats, and it'd be nice to see some modular breakdowns, too.
  • Impala88
    I think some pale dark red and golds would work pretty well here, possibly some torn drapes or something hanging from the walls? It's giving off a kind of Diablo vibe which is cool, But as others have said it just needs a bit more colour :)
  • b4volpe
  • joshmtyler
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    joshmtyler polycounter lvl 5
    I would like to see some of the hard edges smoothed out. For example, the Torch and Pillars. Other than that, I'm loving the style, very Diablo III.
  • Cremuss
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    Cremuss polycounter lvl 8
    Hi ! :)

    I'm glad you like my work. Thanks for your feedbacks, it helps a lot ! :\

    I took note of everything you said. Here's a first try to improve the scene

    - New floor texture
    - Made the cyan stone more bluish.
    - Smudged a lot of '1 pixel sized' details on the props to improve the readability
    - Tweaked a bit the wall texture to remove the very small bricks and put some large brick instead + a blue/cyan stone part on it. I noticed some last minute tiling problem but it'll be fixed. Tiling is not perfect on most of the props but it'll be polished soon.
    - Made the carpet color stronger
    - Wood color more saturated
    - Tweaked the lighting a bit to push the color further
    - Added some rough flames billboards
    - Put some sand everywhere on the textures
    - Added some torn drapes here and here.
    - Made the spider webs thinner

    I think that's all. I still need to model and texture that bridge props I want to add to the scene.

    I guess I was too lazy to fix the flat normals on the pillars and barrels haha... Next time, promise ;)

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