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Bek greentooth
It's a gun that's been done before, but it's one I've admired so much in S.T.A.L.K.E.R I just had to attempt it myself. The goal of this is to be a portfolio piece, hopefully improving on my last work.

Currently I've about 80% completed the Highpoly. From here the plan is:
  • Create low poly
  • use PipelineIO script to set hard edges by Uv borders (because apparently that's a thing you can do in modo now)
  • Bake in xNormal
  • Texture! Hopefully dDo beta will still be going by the time I get to this stage but I doubt it.

Today as well as yesterday I've been working on the PSO scope, which is probably the trickiest Sub-D work I've done to date (and you can spot the noob mistake I made of not starting with enough geo (32 sides) on the main cylinder)


PSO wires: http://i.imgur.com/bwGGGNN.png


I'll be trying to update regularly, once I finish (hah) the highpoly things should speed up as well. Thanks for looking! :thumbup:


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